Most of my website project works are for private clients. Here are examples of some of the publicly available projects that I have worked on.

D’abadie / O’Meara Constituency Website

D’ABADIE / O’MEARA – This website was one that I created for The Hon. Mr. Anil Roberts (M.P) of the D’abadie / O’Meara Constituency. The minister wanted a website that reflected the work being done in his constituency. I proposed to create a data driven website where his staff can update the contents whenever they needed to – using one of my custom WordPress templates. I also included a gallery, a slideshow and extra security features at no extra cost.

NJ Computers Limited

NJ COMPUTERS – I was personally asked by a businessman I know in the community where I live to create a website for his business (he runs a small computer store). He wanted something simple and that can be easily updated by his small staff. I decided to give him a WordPress based site using one of my templates. His original website design was just a few static pages. With the WordPress site along with the database and the webhosting that I provided for him, this would make it much easier for him to update his website whenever he wants to.

DASACO Enterprises

DASACO – There was a point in time in my life when I was a full time graphic artist. That’s when I used to work in a small company called Dasaco Enterprises. I did a good amount of work there – since I was the only graphic artist (i.e: long hours ) – I did a number of designs for product placement (none of which I can show you since they belong to the company). I also created one of their magazines and of course I created their first REAL website design – their previous website before my arrival was just one page. Staying in Dasaco was a good learning experience – but I went back to teaching afterwards. They’ve made a few changes to their website design since my departure, but I know I made major changes while I was there. Also, this was the only time in my life that I ever bothered using a Mac – I’m a PC fan for life!

School of Business and Computer Science

SBCS – In the beginning of the second part of my teaching career, I began lecturing at the School of Business and Computer Science back in 2003. The very first project that I was asked to do was to restructure the school’s website to make it look more attractive and easier to navigate. I landed the job and got my first web design project on the same day. The school’s original website had a drab gray color ( it was not appealing to look at ), and it was hard to navigate – that’s where I came in. I redesigned the color scheme to “blue / white” to make it look more attractive and I created a distributed navigation system ( links running along the top and left of each page ). It was instantly approved and the general design still remains there to this day. I no longer need to work on the website design for this site as others are working on it now. Changes have been made to the website over the years ( it now runs on a database and it can be updated by various departments ) but its good to see that my original design structure and color scheme are still there to this day.